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Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Helping your pet be happier, one service at a time!


Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services - Dog Walking Services

A well exercised dog is a happy dog. They are less destructive, and better behaved. I have found with client dogs and my own, when there is enough stimulation in their lives, they are much better behaved. All dogs are walked with basic commands, halt, sit, stay, heal, and come. They are transported to local trails and parks in the Langley area, walked, given water and brought home. We are lucky in Langley to have such a great variety of parks and trails which provide good stimulation for the dogs I find they enjoy the car ride just about as much as their walk. I provide group walks for 60 minutes and private walks for 30 or 60 minutes. All dogs for group walk must be well behaved and spayed or neutered. My goal is to make your pet happier, one walk at a time. Contact me for monthly special rates.