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Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Helping your pet be happier, one service at a time!


Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services - Pet Services

If you don't have time or are a senior or a person needing a bit extra help, I provide services to help you. I provide is Dog Relief Breaks, so when your busy and can't get home in time, I can make sure your dog gets that mid day potty break he or she needs. Puppies or elderly dogs have hard time holding their urine for longer periods. I also can hold your keys, so if you have a crazy day, one phone call or email, gets your dog let out. Also, I provide Vacation Visits for your kitty or other small pets. I come to your house once or twice a day, and feed and your provide your pet with the needed attention. Vacation Visits are normally 30 minutes during the day, and if a evening visit is needed, 15 minutes. Contact me to arrange your services. Training and behavior consultation services in the convenience of your home. I will help you with those basic behavior issues, such as potty breaking, barking, basic obedience, and reactive issues. We will work together at getting your dog back on track.