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Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Helping your pet be happier, one service at a time!


Policies for Paw Pawz Dog Walking and Pet Services

Paw Pawz requires proof that all dogs are vaccinated with the following:


   Puppy booster vaccinations (all 3 sets)

Paw Pawz also requires proof that all dogs either receive annual titer testing or are vaccinated annually with the following:

   Distemper combination

   Bordatella (kennel cough)

Paw Pawz will not accept aggressive, sick or injured dogs.

Paw Pawz dog walkers will access the temperament and behavior of each dog prior to being accepted for services

For the protection of the other dogs, the general public and our staff, Paw Pawz reserves the right to refuse dogs that are aggressive, not social and/or disruptive, dogs that are not spayed/neutered, and dogs that are sick or injured.

Require 24 hours notice for cancellation of services .